Craig does not have a favorite wine varietal. When asked, he’ll start talking about different wineries he loves for having nailed specific wines from Malbecs to Sauvignon Blancs. He’ll start talking about the situations and places in which he loves to drink wine (on the patio is a popular one!).  He loves how wine tastes, not all of it, but a lot of it. It’s not about every little detail of how the grapes were grown or the chemistry of it, it’s about enjoying drinking it. He loves how it is always changing because each vintage will sell out eventually and then you have to find something new. 

Craig loves food! If you make him commit, he’ll choose pizza as his favorite – any style pizza, even flat bread. As he said, wine is like pizza for him in that he likes them all. Asked about his favorite type of crust, flat or thick, the answer was yes! New York style? Taco it up and go to town. Chicago style? All that buttery crust is also yes. But he also thinks that depending on the day he may want fried chicken strips and tator tots from a bar or a great prime rib. He draws the line at tofu, though; he hasn’t found a preparation he enjoys.

Craig’s favorite cocktail is a very good Sazerac, but they are a hard pass if not made correctly. So his go-to cocktail is a Manhattan. He loves a Manhattan with a smidge of cherry in it.

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