When it comes to wine favorites, Emily loves a good Albarino or a good Malbec. The Albarinos are great for sipping on patios on a hot day, and she loves them with food, too! The Malbecs she thinks of as more of a winter treat, and loves them for sipping by a fire or pairing with food. She thinks they are best with steak or a good beef roast. Emily loves wine because there is always a chance to experiment with new wines and the way that the same wine changes from year to year. Each new wine feels like an adventure, which is funny because she is not an adventurous person. Emily doesn't think of wine as a status symbol, especially based solely on price. Just because a bottle is expensive doesn’t mean it’s better than other juice out there. 

Like Craig, Emily struggles to narrow down her favorite food to just one.  For breakfast it is chicken fried steak, but for dinner her favorite is seafood alfredo. She recognizes that they are totally different, but that is how she rolls. She will try almost anything and likes most of it with the exception of Swiss cheese and pesto.

Emily is the only member of the team that prefers a wine cocktail over all others. Her favorite cocktail is a French 75, both classic or the Elderflower French 75 that Craig makes for her sometimes. Both are so refreshing, and the bubbles force her to drink slowly!

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