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Yalumba Antique Tawny

So we are watching the new Loki show and all this time jumping and various versions of the same character popped into mind while thinking of this wine. This 375 ml (or half bottle) of port comes from what the maker calls an antique technique. This means that they combine several different years of their port into a layered blending leading to a vertical tasting of vintages all in a single bottle. See just like Loki! This allows for the fun younger dried fruit and choco-caramel notes young ports tend to have all the way through the greenish woody notes, nutty caramel, and vanilla that the brandy expresses with time. All layered into a mouthful of goodness.  A nip of this goes well with chocolate nibs, double chocolate semi sweet cookies, or even as an after-meal dessert in a glass. Like the show it will not disappoint.


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